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Welcome to the home page of freeware TLC and gel analysis software CP ATLAS 2.0! CP ATLAS is the ideal choice for students, teachers, schools, colleges, universities and even for smaller companies to analyze TLC and gel images. With CP ATLAS you don't need a professional densitometer for simple quantitative analysis. You can use a simple digital camera, office scanner or mobile phone to get a picture. With CP ATLAS the analysis takes only a few seconds, and you can copy the results to your spreadsheet software for further usage. CP ATLAS is an easy-to-use computer program that combines 25 years of professional experience with the power of modern computer programming. It's a cross platform software written in Java language, thus it runs on any computer, which has Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on.

Main features:

Lane creation and modification:
Create any number of lanes. Modify their width, position, or add control points to create curved lanes. The lanes' profiles are scanned in both red, green, blue and grayscale channel, which makes CP ATLAS a very useful tool in thin layer analysis.

Manual baseline tool:
With the manual baseline tool you can mark the background of the profile, which will be subtracted from the profile when calculating the area of the peaks.

Peaks creation and modification:
Add any number of peaks to a profile. The area and Rf value of each peak will be calculated immediately and shown in a table.

Export functions:
You can export the content of the image and profile window to image files, or copy them to the clipboard. You can copy the analysis informations to the clipboard, and even export the raw data of the shown profiles.

To download CP ATLAS 2.0 and the user's manual, go to the downloads section.